March 2016 – MAG Optics featured in The Ophthalmologist

Check out MAG’s story, featured in the March issue of The Ophthalmologist. CEO and Co-founder, Hakam Ghabra, writes about the trials and tribulations of life as an early stage ophthalmic medical device start-up. From “What If?” to “Why Not?” Taking an ophthalmic startup from concept to reality. .. “On the battlefield, necessity is the mother of invention – and my father, Marwan Ghabra, can attest to this. … The practice of ophthalmology under these circumstances is a rapid incubator of two skills: on-the-spot improvisation and the ability to innovate your way out of a situation. He tells many stories that stretch belief of how he’s “MacGyvered” his way out of some incredible surgical situations – were it not for his surgical video library, nobody would believe him.” Click here to read the full article.

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