The MAG Story


MAG derives itself from our inventor/Chief Scientist

MAG’s foundation blocks of solving problems is attributed to our Chief Inventor and Scientist, Dr. Marwan Ghabra. Our creative and ingenious approach stem from his passion to get at the root cause of the problem and solve for long-term fixes. This requires deep understanding and the interplay between mechanics, anatomy and forces. His intellectual and playful curiosity dates back to young Marwan model building and experimenting with chemistry sets. Fast forward 20 years, the combination of engineering and medical interests steered him into a field that relies heavily on both – naturally, ophthalmology.


Over the course of the last 30 years and frontline surgical experience (over 20,000 ophthalmic surgeries) throughout Middle East and Europe, Dr. Marwan built a noteworthy reputation as an innovative surgeon, taking on the most complex, challenging surgeries. He is widely credited with bringing modern cataract surgery and pioneering advanced ophthalmic care in select Middle East countries. In addition, his humanitarian efforts resulted in establishing three hospitals, providing ophthalmic care for the blind and underprivileged. Our science and inventions are deeply rooted in accumulated years of experience in international and warzone ophthalmology. The combination of working in a combat zone and with limited resources, translates into s the need for on-the- spot improvisation. Interestingly, this combination also lends itself to innovative thinking. The inspiration for our technology comes from decades of observations problems and learnings gleaned from his patients. His never ending desire to provide long term solutions has led him to develop outside the box solutions for presbyopia, refractive errors and cataracts In essence, we have taken those dinner-table conversations of “what if” to “why not”! MAG’s IOL and Cornel Implants have undergone the better part of 4 years of research.

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In 2014, MAG Optics was born.