About Us

MAG Optics Ltd, is an emerging ophthalmic medical device company, focusing on development of presbyopic and refractive error solutions. We are headquartered in the London, UK with offices in the US as well.


Presbyopia is the loss of near focus/vision as you age. It usually begins around the age of 40 when you begin to have trouble reading your smartphone, menus, newspaper/magazines and you find yourself reaching for the dreaded “readers”. It happens due to the loss of “Accomodation”. As you age, your eye’s natural lens and muscles become less elastic, stiffen and loses its ability to contract and reflex. As a result, your ability to focus on nearby objects deteriorates. By the time you are 50, almost everyone will suffer from presbyopia.


By 2020, there will be approximately 2.1B presbyopes. The combination of a rapidly aging world population, longevity, increasingly more active lifestyles is driving an unprecedented demand for innovation in presbyopic ophthalmic solutions. Whether it’s the challenges of presbyopia or cataracts as we age- all eyes are on the lookout for novel and robust solutions that deliver superior patient outcomes. MAG Optics is at the forefront of innovating for this need.


As a physician-led company, MAG Optics has first-hand understanding of the eye’s anatomy and the complex mechanical intricacies.


We heard the patient’s need for spectacle -free living and clear vision at all distanceWe hear the patient’s need for uncompromised vision . We heard the ophthalmologists desire to have technology that can deliver for regardless of age. We heard 50 is the new 30 – people are living more active lifestyles, working longer they want care-free eyesight to accommodate their new lifestyle’s demands.. We heard and we answered.


Quite simply, MAG Optics is committed to re-engineering vision.

  • Ophthalmic Device Innovator
  • Addressing Unmet Patient Need
  • Game-changing technology for presbyopia
  • Simple, superior refractive errors solutions